Business Finance

In a good economic climate, being able to raise business finance is vital if your business is going to expand while, in poorer times, business funding may be essential for your business to survive.

Raising business finance in Cyprus is now a complicated process; with businesses having to justify their financial requirements by means of commercially viable proposals, which not only have to be scrupulously prepared, but also professionally presented in order to be successful.


At Hadjihannas Restructuring Practitioners Ltd we have the experience in assisting with business finance and business restructuring, and we can guide you through all the stages of financing a business – from preparing a business plan, to making a presentation to a financial institution.


Business Finance and Credit Agreements

The most common means of raising finance for business in Cyprus are credit agreements from banks. These fall into 2 main categories:

  • Loans and Overdrafts – Bank loans and overdrafts are the traditional way of raising business finance in Cyprus for short, medium and long-term cash flow solutions; however, tighter lending controls have made finance for businesses harder to come by.
  • Asset Financing – Asset financing usually comes in the form of a loan, specifically for the purchase of machinery or IT equipment. The worth of the asset to the company has to be justified in order for finance to be approved.

Each of these funding solutions requires that documentation is prepared to support the credit application, and often that face-to-face presentations are conducted to secure the lender´s agreement.


Business Restructuring

There are occasions when business finance will be unavailable, and restructuring your business is the only remaining option. In these circumstances, our team can assist by reviewing the business, offering restructuring proposals and helping to establish a platform for recovery.

Business restructuring can take the form of trade sales, mergers with other businesses, management buy-ins or management buy-outs; and, by applying our proven methodology to your business restructuring, we can avoid delays and obstacles typical of business disposal which will reduce any costs.


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