Debt Refinancing

Debt refinancing is a process in which existing business debts are replaced by a new financial arrangement, often with the same amount of debt carried forward. Also known as debt consolidation, a company may wish to refinance its existing debt if better terms are available from an alternate lender.


We believe that we can provide expert advice about refinancing debts irrespective of the business issues that your company may face.


The Benefits of Debt Refinancing

In certain circumstances there are significant advantages to debt consolidation in addition to getting better terms on a loan. Companies may wish to:

  • Reduce monthly repayment by extending the term of a loan,
  • Free up cash to take advantage of better deals from suppliers,
  • Amalgamate several financial liabilities into one loan to manage the debt more efficiently,
  • Alter or reduce risk by switching from a variable interest loan to a fixed interest loan (or vice versa).


How Can We Help You?

We can provide professional advice about refinancing debt and Banking/Legal advice regarding the loan agreemtns and other documents in order to enshure that it is in the best interest of your business



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